Red MultiSonora is a civil association with origins in Argentina that includes cis women, trans people, lesbians and non-binary identities related to the different disciplines of the music and sound industry: recording, mixing, live and radio operation, artistic production, post-production, luthería, acoustics, stage technique and electronics applied to audio, among others.


  • We seek to make visible the work of the pluridentities of our environment and build a community based on ties of support.

  • We work for fair job opportunities and fair pay.

  • We promote access to education

  • We aim to end discrimination and job insecurity.


  • We manage activities that place dissidents as references and generate spaces of comfort for those who seek professional training, regardless of their gender.

  • We facilitate the connection between employers and potential job candidates.

  • We receive requests for professional profiles, and we have an online directory of more than 150 people from all over the country.

  • We foster ties between people of various specialties and geographical locations through our virtual community on Facebook, making information on technical and human aspects of our work area more accessible.

  • We recognize and make visible colleagues active in order to motivate children and young people to follow specialties related to sound: we believe that it is important that the next generations have a diverse representation in terms of genres, places of origin, specialties, etc.

  • We build links with institutions and groups that share similar objectives.