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Voice recording and production

by Candela Cibrián



It is a workshop oriented to the recording and production of voices. Technique, arrangement and performance tools will be seen for both technicians, producers and singers, with the aim of achieving an authentic, credible and effective recording of voices. Stems and de-construction of vocal productions (mainly pop genre) of songs / artists suggested by the teacher and also open to prior suggestions by the registered students will be listened to. The last classes will be a recording in real time of a song and artist selected by the teacher to put into practice the knowledge acquired.


Technical perspective: Learn to guide and accompany the singer when there is no producer present.  

Producer's perspective : Learn to get the best audio and interpretation of our artist, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. What kind of arrangements to suggest to achieve what we are looking for at the sound level.

Singers perspective: Learn to prepare for the day of the recording and to arrive at it with the most resolved difficulties possible.  


Singers and home studio: Tips for self-recording; how to play all roles at once.


Virtual. Classes will be taught through the Zoom platform. There will be 6 meetings (1 weekly) of 1 hour and a half on Fridays.


Friday September 17, 7pm ​


  • Técnicx - Productorx - Vocal Coach: differentiation of roles and dynamics between them. 

  • Guide for a previous analysis of the song and the artist 

    • Previous encounters with a singer: what we can anticipate

    • Recording template

  • Voice recording:

    • Technical aspect:

      • Microphones and preamps 

      • Audio setup and monitoring

    • Lead

      • Enter confidence

      • Search identity

      • The performance

    • Vocal production resources and arrangements

      • Backing vocals, dubbing, adlibs, fx

      • Edition

  • Post: 

    • Editing, take comp.

    • Voice tuning 

  • De-construction and analysis of vocal productions with stems.

  • Live recording of a song  




It will be required to know how to handle a DAW (intermediate level) and have basic knowledge of sound and recording. To get the best out of it, it is advisable to have some experience recording yourself or recording singers, although it is not exclusive. We will receive demos and demos of songs that students want to record for


Candela Cibrián is a composer, singer, vocal and musical producer, recording technician and actress. Her alter ego and solo project is known as Fenna Frei. Since 2015 she has been working as an international freelance singer, songwriter and vocal producer. Her last works as a music producer were with emerging artists such as Daniela Milagros (Warner Music) , Agathe Cipres , Camil Camil , Jared Southard . She graduated from the "Music Production Oriented to Audiovisual Media" career at the Universidad Católica Argentina and has studied at the School of Contemporary Music. His musical training is academic and popular. He studied singing and various techniques from his 11 years to the present with renowned teachers (Marisa Albano, Florencia Carchak, Flo d'Elía), sound synthesis with Ernesto Romeo and performance at El Brío Teatro. From the age of 23 she developed as an assistant and technician and soon after began her path as a freelance singer, vocal producer and composer from her home studio. Between 2018 and 2020 she carried out the management and operation of the Panacea recording studio with her current partner and co-producer Santiago Iezzi where she started as a music producer and vocal coach of artists. His current solo project, Fenna Frei, has existed since 2017, with which he released two albums co-produced with Santiago Iezzi: Fuente Nocturna (2017) and ' Exilios ' (2020).


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