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Argentina, born in Buenos Aires in 1984, trained in Image and Sound design at the University of Buenos Aires and Audio Recording and post-production at Tecson (2005) while also training as an artist (singing, piano, guitar, acting , musical comedy). Since then he has worked as a Foley artist for various television productions (Floricienta, Jake and Blake, Chiquititas, almost Angels 1, almost Angels 2, almost Angels 3, beauty and beast, Supertorpe, Signs of the end of the world) while entering the world of audio post-production (Casi Angeles, La defensora (Alberto Lecci), Maltratadas (Alberto Lecci), Signs of the end of the world, Art Attack, Experimentores, Go, Once and Documentaries such as “Séptimo día” by Soda Stereo for Cirque di Soleil, Dreamlike Journey, Soy Voz America, David. Eventually she develops in Pol-ka as a Foley artist and audio post-producer of programs such as The Host, Simona, Soy Luna and in different advertising production companies. At the same time she develops as Live sound engineer, making sound for bands and recording chamber music at CCK. Yanina Mora is a singer, musician and produced and released her first solo album called "Intermittent" (Feb 2018, spotify) while arranging vocals to differentiate phonographic productions.