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Initiation to sound synthesis and synthesizers

by Van Shake




Find your own voice in the synthesis!

8-class course aimed at musicians, students and the general public who want to internalize and explore synthesis in both software and hardware. The contents will be doomed to the initial synthesis and oriented to creative development.




Manage to internalize the concepts and knowledge acquired in the course so that you can develop a sound design according to your project regardless of the interface you have to work with, be it virtual or physical.



It starts on Monday, September 13, classes last an hour and a half and are held on the platform  Zoom. The objectives of each class are developed that can vary according to concerns. Includes reading and visual material, either publicly accessible or specific to the class.


Monday September 13, 7pm


Assist with the following installed programs: Ableton Live (any version) and Voltage Modular ( ).

No prior knowledge is necessary.

Contents by class

Class 1:  What is a synthesizer. In general we will see its parts / modules. Location within a hardware and software synth. We will work with Ableton Operator and Voltage Modular. Synthesis types.

Class 2:  Audio source: Oscillators, types of waves, noise, the reason for their loudness / timbre, we will see generalities about  sound and audio and a screenshot of harmonics / partials.


Class 3:  What are the audio and control signals and their basic routings. The modular concept. Building blocks of different synthesizers. We will exemplify and describe the chosen hardware and software synths: Ableton Operator and Voltage Modular from Cherry Audio.


Class 4: Types of filters, resonance, feedback. Types of filter control. Analysis of subtractive filters and spectra.

Class 5: Amplifiers, mixer, control signals to them. What is an envelope. Types of envelopes.

Class 6: Low frequency oscillator LFO. Modulation and control.


Class 7:  Sound design and patch programming with subtractive synthesis with hard and soft. Ableton Operator presets analysis.


Class 8: General aspects of effects, delay, reverb, chorus, flangers, etc. Reinforcement and deepening of everything seen.



Vanesa “Van Shake” Jimenez.
Producer, recording engineer, teacher, pianist, synthesist, composer and singer from Argentina. He studied as a pianist and teacher at the Julián Aguirre Provincial Conservatory, where he is currently studying French Horn. He also studied subjects at the National University Institute of Art (IUNA), to later study Sonora Synthesis with Ernesto Romeo and later recording, mixing and production with Ernesto Romeo, Pablo Gil and team in '' La Siesta del Fauno Estudio Laboratorio '' where she also did sound and recording engineering work. Currently working in his home studio "Ventana Flotante" with recordings, productions, classes and various activities.


Founder of the band Pescadas where she developed and embodied her idea of a set based on covering roles as in an “electronic orchestra”, thus traveling through different countries of Europe that included presentations in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, with several renowned artists. .
Currently and in search of his sonic development he embarked on the Tres Mundos audiovisual y Ciclos projects, experimenting with new forms of expression combining analog, digital and hybrid equipment.


He recently released his first single Voltage, in which he takes the concept raised in his predecessor band to the next level, transforming it into a true One Woman Band.

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