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Paula Gareis works as a sound operator, recording and mixing technique, and is finishing her studies as a graduate in Sound and Recording from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral.
Her bond with sound and music has emerged since she was little: fond of cables, speakers, recording devices, an innate singer who accompanied herself with instruments inherited from her family.
In 2012 he began his studies at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in the city of Santa Fe. This university maintains a great bond with the city to promote cultural action in the capital. Thus, through the university, he began to carry out study practices in well-known theaters and cultural spaces of the city: Municipal Theater of Santa Fe, Luz y Fuerza Theater, Provincial Cultural Center, UNL Cultural Forum, Mercado del Progreso, Sala of Events of AMSAFE, Room of Events of UPCN, among others.
In 2017 and 2018 she works as the main sound operator in the Sala del Teatro Luz y Fuerza, there she has the experience of operating and assisting artists such as Iván Noble, María Martha Serra Lima, Juan Carlos Denis y su Bohío, Santa Fe Jazz Ensamble , numerous local and regional artists and prestigious plays.
At the same time she worked as a technical operator in the main auditorium of the National Technological University. He currently works in the coordination and promotion of events and outreach activities within the Higher Institute of Music of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral. He also makes records, recordings and mixes for the university and various groups, as well as technical in events and sound operator.