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Female musician, instrumentalist, producer, and beatmaker, passes  his hours working in his MOSTRO Studio where he composes, arranges, records, mixes  and master  from music for commercials, film, television, plays, record productions and artists to your own music.
Full  his musical studies between Buenos Aires, Argentina (EMC Berklee International Network), New York, USA (Dubspot) and London, England (SSR). How music participated  in various bands playing guitar, bass, drums and piano, and particularly with Telexx, where he played bass was  part of record companies like AirDrop and Universal Music.
As a producer and mixing engineer she worked  in various recording studios, such as MCL Records and the iconic Abbey Road in London, England, among others.
In 2010 it was  part of the collective label SNTS, and later founded  with a group of colleagues: Blazar, a collective label and community of women artists who generate music and art.
It is  Partner of AES (Audio Engineering Society), SoundGirls, AATIA (Argentine Association of Audio Technicians and Engineers) and co-founder of RMS (Network of Women in Sound). He has  participated in the AES convention in New York, USA, in 2017 and 2018 and the first WAMCon (Women Audio Mission Convention) in New York, USA, in 2018.