He was born in the winter of '91, in the heart of Greater Mendoza. Alejandro and Betty, parents, named her Lucía, after Serrat's song. He had the toupee of being born into a family of pure musicians. On Saturdays, although it was already the '90s and his family already had a Pioneer team, his father enjoyed taking songs on the piano while playing the spike on Bicycle, Artaud or the White Album. He sucked rock like he sucks himself out of hunger and at the age of 5 they called a bald teacher, a conductor, they said, to teach him to play the piano. The first time he stepped on stage it was to sing a Sanmartiniana song with the family, at the age of 6. From a very young age she found a cassette recorder in her grandmother's house, she recorded sung songs, and although there were guitars, drums, harmonica and piano in her house, it was only when she was 11 years old that she picked up a guitar on her own initiative. Some guitar lessons at that age, he always participated in the choir at school and always at the foot of the gun in any fire pit. At 19 he was the leading voice of a band that was beginning to become known and to attract an audience. At that age he also started making street music, an occupation he held for 10 years. The children arrived sooner rather than later and today Alhue and Emil are 7 and 4 years old. In 2018 the family's old mansion was sold, back when the dollar was worth 17 pesos, and with that piece of inheritance, and without knowing anything about sound, he acquired a small live system. Since then he has dedicated himself to learning how to use it.

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