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Since 2005 he has been involved in various activities related to music in theater, video, dance and the sound experience in performance.
In 2010 she was received as a Producer of Electronic Music and Dj at EMBA.
He makes original music for different shows such as "The rust eats the iron, the water eats the stones or the dream of Alicias", directed by Emilio García Wehbi, "Women at the end of the night", directed by Pablo Szakiel, " Grado Cero '' by the Ketza dance group, '' Los Tres Chachitos '' and '' Eclipsula '' by the Las Nobles Bestias theater company, the soundtrack for '' sera Marea '' directed by María Papi, among others.
For 10 years he works doing the technical operation and producing content for the independent theater cycle "Teatro Kabeza".
Since 2011 he begins to present a set of his own songs using a session that is modified in real time.
In 2013 he formed "Welcome to the Computer" with Delia Iglesias. They independently edit a single homonymous album made with homemade tools where Julieta produces, records and mixes the material. They make joint creations with other artists such as Dania Neko and La Parsifónica.
He participates in other formations such as "Memories of the future", a project where machines are mixed with the drum ensemble El Alboroto Percusión. '' Ensamble Folklórico Digital '' curated by Villa Diamante, which has two singles on networks and an album soon to be released.
He is currently presenting his first solo album '' Amora '', which he produces and records in 2019 in his home studio. The mixing and the master was done in Camarón Brujo by Naku Berneri. Since 2010 to date, he coordinates workshops, seminars and personalized classes in Music Production with Ableton Live.