Mariana Päraway is a woman, musician and from Mendoza. She has passion and sweetness, but also the strength and determination she needs, as a woman, to go out into the world and present herself as she is. She is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer. In his 41 years he built an extensive career in music consolidated by his three solo albums: Los Peces (2012), Hilario (2014, Concept Zero) and La Flecha (2017, Concept Zero). In 2018, Juana Azurduy de Padilla received the Honorable Mention in the National Senate in recognition of her work and achievements of interest to her community, which promote the common good. During 2019 he released two singles, Roma, released on August 30 and Surprise, released on November 22. During 2020 she was the musical producer of three projects. Today he is co-producing his next work with the music producer Lupe, stipulating his departure during 2021 independently. From Mendoza, the mountain city where she lives, Mariana travels to play in Argentina, Latin America and Europe, but she always returns home, to her natural environment, an environment that is part of her identity, as well as her interest in trying new sounds. , change, play, with the will and strength of the path traveled.

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