Following his creative instinct and self-taught training, Ani Bookx has been on stages and studios since May 2012, composing de-generated music and performing it live with a very personal force.
From her first loopera, Ani began her journey as a producer by first modeling and recording her various musical projects later. Nerd from the cradle, he finds in the studio a plane where he combines art, technique and technologies to capture his creative process, playing with his machines to generate a sound space that is his own.
With a beautiful group career (ABFN, Lima Sur, Alto Guiso, Ex Employees de la Nasa and Chokenbici) Ani launches her solo project in 2020 with productions entirely made in her studio #BOOKX This solo project is not, however, lonely and the he finds himself working as a team with artists from other disciplines seeking to expand the narrative path of his work with other-new languages. In parallel with her artistic activity, Ani stands out as a cultural producer touring and shaping the self-managed movement of Rosario in close bond with colleagues and with her audience and is part of the Movimiento Unión Groove, an independent collective that brings together more than 12 bands from Rosario with the aim of empower-be cooperatively.

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